government, simplified.


  1. Government Services
    Community Engagement, Diversity Training, P2 Ventures
  2. Real Estate
    Land Use Entitlements/Maps, Permitting, Zoning & Code
  3. Electioneering
    Ballot Initiatives & Campaigns, PACs, Party Relations, Direct Mail
  4. Business
    Permit & License Streamlining, Competitive Bidding, Business Advocacy
  5. Data Research
    Polling, Focus Group Surveys, Data Analytics, Market Research
  6. Communications
    Internal & External Coms, Media Relations, Multilingual Media, Radio & Broadcast, Social Media

community-driven strategies. 

Who we are
Who we serve
Invictus Strategy is a full-service public affairs and communications firm based in Silicon Valley that specializes in public opinion research and mass media to craft innovative and community-oriented messaging strategies to help our clients achieve their objectives.

The Invictus Strategy team consists of distinguished professionals and scholars, who are highly-skilled in our respective fields and disciplines. With our diverse mix of PhDs, MBAs, and MPAs, we draw upon our extensive training and experience to deliver results.

What makes the Invictus Strategy team distinct is our unparalleled relationships with community stakeholders. Acquired over decades of experience and strengthened in time through trust, our team's vast network in government, business, and media allows us to open doors for our clients.

We work with clients from a broad range of industries and sectors.

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amplified results.